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About The Plan

Kicked off in late summer 2023, the City of Livingston’s Downtown Master Plan is a community-driven process aimed at creating a guiding, and cohesive, vision for the future of Downtown Livingston.  As a step toward implementing the City of Livingston’s 2021 Growth Policy, the Downtown Master Plan will provide the community with strategies to promote high-quality development, economic vitality, and enhanced activities in the downtown area - preserving the historic charm Livingston is known for, while encouraging responsible growth.

A consultant team, led by Crescendo Planning + Design – who is joined by Economic & Planning Systems and Robert Peccia & Associates – has been selected to help lead the community engagement process, and contribute their expertise in downtown planning to this planning effort.  In addition to themes and areas of focus that are identified by the community throughout the process, components of the Downtown Master Plan will include:

  • Identification of priority development / redevelopment projects in the planning area that include both “early win” and long-range opportunities; 

  • A Housing & Parking Study specific to the Downtown study area;

  • A Wayfinding Plan to help visitors navigate downtown more easily; 

  • A Streetscape Improvement Plan that includes projects such as public art displays and street furniture throughout the planning area; 

  • Recommendations for plan implementation, including key partners and stakeholders;

  • And a summary of potential funding resources to create and sustain downtown revitalization and economic development identified in the Plan.

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Map of Downtown Master Plan Study Area

Project Timeline

The planning process is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024.  Click on the Project Timeline below to see the anticipated Phases of the project, as well as targets for some of the key milestones and more robust community engagement windows.

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Community Engagement

The most critical part of the Downtown Master Plan process, community engagement will be on-going throughout the planning process.  We are seeking broad public participation and input into the process – including efforts to engage Park County residents living outside the City and visitors to the downtown – and the process is designed to allow for a variety of levels of participation.  Methods of engagement will include opportunities to engage more actively in a variety of in-person settings – one-on-one calls and meetings, group sessions, a Local Business Owner’s Breakfast, public meetings, drop-ins at established community events, etc.; opportunities to participate actively or passively online via the website, surveys, and Zoom meetings; and opportunities to just stay informed about the process through the website, email distributions, informational flyers, etc.

From November 14th-16th, a series of Community Engagement Events were conducted - a URA Strategy Workshop, a Community Workshop / Charrette, a Business Owner Breakfast, and a Community Open House.  For those that may not have been able to attend one of those events, it was followed by an online survey replicating the Emerging Ideas inputs that was live through the first week of January.  There was strong community participation across all of these events, and those who participated provided incredibly valuable insight into their visions and desires for the future of Downtown Livingston.  

To see PDF summaries of the inputs received from the Community Workshop / Charrette & Open House,

click on the cover images below!  [Emerging Ideas inputs updated with follow-up survey results]

NOTE: Clicking cover image links will show a high-resolution PDF, which is a large file size;

if you would prefer a lower-resolution (smaller file size) PDF, links to those are shown below the images.

2023.11.14-16_Emerging Ideas_Participant Responses_Page_2.jpg

Now Updated with follow-up survey results!

To access a lower-resolution version of this PDF, click here.

2023.11.14-16_Summarized Community Inputs_Exercises_Page_1.jpg

To access a lower-resolution version of this PDF, click here.

To see a PDF of the notes from a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis conducted by the participants at the Business Owner Breakfast, click here!

To see a PDF summary of the results of the Preliminary Visioning Survey from September, click here!

Share Your Ideas

To share ideas for improvements you’d like to see in Downtown Livingston, feel free to fill out any portions of the applicable form below, or visit this link: Share Your Ideas for Downtown Livingston

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Thanks for participating in the Livingston Downtown Master Plan process!

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