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Downtown lamp post 

Banner Program Overview

The LBID Banner Program is intended to:

  • Identify the downtown service area and bring a sense of place and District identity;

  • Add vibrancy and vitality to the downtown streetscapes;

  • Enliven the mobility experience for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists; 

  • Publicize a diverse range of events, activities, and attractions;

  • Provide an effective tool to community nonprofits, arts and cultural groups, and other organizations to promote events and public information of interest and benefit to Livingston and visitors.

Banners are hung on lamp posts within the District boundaries as well as some lamp posts on the outskirts of the District, there are currently 56 lamp posts within LBID and surrounding neighborhoods. Banners are generally changed out between the 1st - 5th of each month.

Guidelines and Regulations 

The finished-size of the banners will be 24 inches wide by 36 inches high; constructed with 18 or 22 oz or heavier double-sided, outdoor banner material; print will be on both sides. Banners must be printed with UV resistant outdoor ink and must have 3-inch double-stitched banner arm sleeves at the top and bottom. Two brass grommets must be included on one side of the banner, 1" from the side edge, just below the double stitching. Banners may not be used for commercial advertising, or to promote religion or political candidates, parties or issues. Requests for banner installation should be made 30 days prior to the desired display time. Rates vary by display duration, seasons, and the organization's nonprofit/profit status. 

To issue uniform design and construction, the organization requesting rental must submit a request with an approved banner design prior to the installation.

  • Banner Brackets: Are installed on commercial “vintage” street lamps only.

  • Banner Spaces: Are reserved for non-profits and local events promoting Livingston and/or Livingston area events and programs. LBID banners may be used as “filler displays” on vacant street lamps.

  • Application: Download form. Return the form with a $25 processing fee, which also covers storage fees for the first year when not in use, payable to LBID. Send a pdf or jpeg version of the banner design and a draft contract (pages 3- 6)  to

  • Design Approval: The banner design must be pre-approved by LBID. The banner design must also include the LBID logo on the bottom 6 inches of the banner. Digital logo available here (email us if you'd like a different logo format).

  • Banner Purchase: To maintain banner quality and specifications, organizations must purchase approved design banners from Britten Studios (231-995-8605) OR a local provider who must use 22 oz. vinyl and produce banners exactly to Britten Studios specifications. A sample banner can be accessed by contacting It is recommended that banners be produced without time-sensitive information so that they may be rehung for future promotion opportunities. Banners can last up to five seasons in Livingston's weather conditions. 

  • Banner Displays: Minimum 6 and maximum 30 per organization can be displayed. As street lamp numbers increase, minimum and maximum may change.

  • Banner Display Time Periods: Banners must be displayed for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 3 months.

  • Spare Banners: One spare banner must be provided by each organization.

  • Rental Fee: A rental fee of $1.00 per day, per banner payable to LBID (see Rental Contract/Application pages 3-6) is required to cover costs of banner installation, bracket maintenance, and banner removal. Price reductions are given for more than twelve banners displayed at a time.

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