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Resources for Businesses

Business Development Resources

  • Park Local Development Corporation supports business development throughout Park County and manages a revolving loan fund that provides financing to small businesses in Park County. For more information contact They also have a Business Builder Series available to watch on video and build your business toolkit at no cost.

  • Prospera works to advance and inspire diverse economies and resilient communities in southwest Montana. They have open office hours at our office, 124 South Main Suite 210, the 3rd Friday of each month for no cost business coaching, contact

  • Park County Community Foundation's Nonprofit Network topics of interest may also be accessed at your convenience. 

Renewable Energy Upgrade Financing

Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP)

The Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) is grant and loan funding available to any commercial property located in towns with less than 50,000 in population. Funding is available for any business looking to upgrade its buildings or operations using more energy-efficient equipment or add new renewal energy systems. Projects available for funding include: light fixtures, HVAC, insulation, cooling/refrigeration, electric and solar. For additional information and for application support reach out to your local Food and Ag Development Center, in Livingston contact Sam, the Prospera FADC director at but all business counselors at Prospera are trained to help businesses apply for the REAP grant at no cost to the business owner.

Commercial Property Assessed Capital Enhancement (C-PACE) District 

Park County recently became the first county in the state to approve C-PACE financing for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy investments for commercial building owners in Park County. Please thank your County Commissioners for acting quickly to approve this great opportunity. C-PACE is an innovative Public-Private Partnership through Commerce’s Montana Facility Finance Authority (MFFA). The benefits include:

  • Invest in energy efficiency projects and solar or renewable energy upgrades with no upfront costs.

  • Utility savings exceed payment obligations, making investments cash positive for commercial property owners and tenants.

  • Payments are rolled into a special tax assessment made payable twice per year as part of the building owner’s property taxes.

  • The process is much quicker and easier than traditional financing, although participants will still obtain financing from a bank or other financial institution.

  • The program is tax neutral with no financial exposure to cities or counties.

C-PACE is a fit for most industries including farms, commercial office buildings,
nonprofit organizations (including places of worship), and multi-tenant buildings.
Common projects include solar panels, HVAC systems, lighting, motors & more.

Download a handy user guide from Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council 
and email for more information.

Building Facade Repair & Renovation Program 
An Urban Renewal Association program to assist facade updates to buildings in the District
 is largely being invested in district housing investments but you may still contact them with your proposal. Buildings in the Historic District require Historical Preservation Committee Approval.

More Business Resources

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