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Business Consulting and Resiliency Team

The Business Consulting and Resiliency Team is a group of dedicated local consultants brought together by Park Local. Each consultant brings their own specialty and strengths to create a well rounded group of professionals. Making their homes in Park County, each member of the team is able to offer in person and specialized consulting services. 


What is our mission?

The BCRT is committed to making quality local consulting available to all small, locally owned businesses in Park County. Park Local has dedicated itself to this mission by covering the cost of the first three hours of consulting for small, locally owned businesses in Park County. When expert consultants are more accessible, small businesses in our community can thrive. 


How does it work? 

Park Local representatives will perform an initial interview with any locally owned small business who wishes to utilize the program. This will be an opportunity to express your wants and needs for your business. After a thorough exploration, the business will be paired with the best consultant for the job. The consultant and the business will be put in contact to schedule their meeting at a time that best works for them.


Who should apply?

All locally owned, small businesses are invited and encouraged to apply. Different businesses will benefit from utilizing the BCRT for their consulting needs. 

Start-ups- When you’re just starting out is one of the best times to seek expert business advice to help build a solid foundation for the life of your business.

Existing Business- After hard work and perseverance, you’ve created a running, established business in the community. Now it’s time to scale up and expand operations or create a solid support system to create a more resilient business. Maybe things have changed since you started and you need guidance on the newest trends as you transition into the next phase of your business. Whatever your needs are as an established business the BCRT is here to help.

Solopreneurs- Being a solopreneur can require you to wear a lot of hats. As both the owner and only employee, everything falls on your shoulders. It might feel like you have to know everything about everything to make your business a success, but you don’t have to go it alone. With the BCRT in your corner you can get expert advice and knowledge to help beef up those weak spots in your wheelhouse. 


Our Specialty 

The range of skills held by our consultants allows us to offer consulting services in the following areas;

  • Financial Management

  • Employee Conflict Mitigation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Web Design

  • Insurance

  • Social Media / Marketing

  • Retail Inventory

  • Branding

  • Costing

  • Accounting


Meet The Team


How to contact us

Send an email  to or call Trent at 406-885-9740 during normal business hours. 

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