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Summer 2020 Downtown Construction

Downtown street construction is well underway and is concentrated on Park to Callender on 2nd Street. 

The curbs are in at the intersection of 2nd Street and Lewis and all sidewalks from Callender to Lewis on 2nd Street have been poured. The plan is to pave that street section this week and hope to have the street open to through traffic by next Tuesday (September 1st) at the latest.

The crews will be working on finishing up utilities in the section from 2nd Street to 3rd Street on Callender and are trying to have that ready for traffic by the 4th of September.

Sidewalk removal has begun on 2nd Street from Callender to Park but due to some unexpected voids under the Masonic Temple sidewalk, extra precautions and work are taking place for that section. The hope is to have all sidewalks in the section between Park Street and the area near the West post office entrance and the Obsidian Collection building removed by September 4th. 

The new historic street lights that are manufactured right here in Montana at the Anaconda Foundry have been delayed in delivery until the end of September or early October. After they have been delivered, they will be installed by Umdahl and City of Livingston crews.


Big thanks to the construction crews for going above and beyond to allow access to the post office during all of this work and to American Bank for the use of their large parking area off of 2nd Street!

See the attached traffic control map. Public meetings on this construction project continue to be held weekly Thursdays at the 2nd Street Bistro at 8:30 am and plans are taped up in the corner window at 2nd Street and the alley. Thank you Brian for the use of your space during this project!

For questions about this project, or any other Street Construction projects, visit the City of Livingston, Public Works Department Facebook page, or visit the websites You may also call Public Works at 222-5667.

The main focus area of the project has been 12 blocks in downtown - Park Street to Geyser and 3rd Street to B Street. The planned improvements for this year will update aging infrastructure while maintaining the character and historical details that make Livingston special. 2020 work on this downtown area will focus on reconstruction of the core of downtown Livingston infrastructure. Specifically, 2nd Street from Park Street to Lewis Street (excluding Callender intersection) and Callender Street between 2nd Street and 3rd Street. The project will be coordinated as much as feasible with the First Interstate Bank reconstruction project. The project will continue through the summer and could go into October. 

Project activities will include: Replacement of old sewer, water, and storm drains; installation of new downtown area sidewalks with current Americans with Disabilities Act standards, improving accessibility and safety for everyone; and, new street surfaces after all other construction activities have been completed.

The City of Livingston partnered with TD&H Engineering to create a Capital Improvement Plan for the future of our downtown, one that will make our city center safe, vibrant, and family-friendly for years to come.

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