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Coronavirus Resource Links

Support Downtown Livingston Businesses


The coronavirus outbreak and recommended social isolating and avoiding group gatherings is hitting small downtown Livingston Businesses - many who operate on small margins - and their employees hard. We encourage you to support these hometown heroes who donate to your causes, create jobs, and provide much-needed services and products that keep our historic downtown vibrant during this difficult time.

Here are five recommendations to support local businesses - please add your ideas in comments and tag businesses you appreciate with what you love about their business!

1) Choose your favorite downtown Livingston Businesses + do positive social media & online reviews, comment and share their posts.

2) Shop online if possible, especially with local artisans, artists and performers who can't attend fairs, markets or events.

3) Buy gift cards from downtown businesses to use or gift later. Think of how fun it will be to enjoy them once this period is over!

4) Order take out from a downtown restaurant + use your credit card because cash is more likely to carry viruses.

5) Avoiding group settings is recommended but if you must be in public, practice social distancing, handwashing & avoid physical interactions. Stay home if you may be infected or ill.

What other creative ways can you think of to show your love for downtown businesses while staying safe? ♥